JRose Assisted Living Homes  started in 1994 with a single resident named Paula. Paula had been moving quite frequently between various nursing homes and assisted care facilities as she searched for the perfect home.  Her social worker informed us of her transient history and told us not to expect her to stay with us for too long.

Several months later, Paula was still enjoying life with us and contacted her social worker to thank her for placing her in her new home.  Paula's compliments and recommendations for our facility caught the attention of other healthcare professionals and social workers, which led to JRose's growth and  receiving several awards from the State Government.  

Today, JRose has expanded to three facilities in Montgomery County, where we continue our tradition ofexcellence in service.  We pride ourselves on building family stylerelationships with all of our clients, their families, and our staff.  Focusing on individual needs, our JRose family provides the perfect atmosphere of respect, love, and care so that all of our residents can find the perfect home. 

Our senior care communities have a stellar reputation for providing superior care and service.  Our history and culture have led to a strong referral network of physicians, hospitals, state and local agencies, health professionals, churches, and, most importantly, our residents and families.