Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Lima Jayaraman

Mrs. Jayaraman is the Founder and CEO of JRose Assisted and brings over 25 years of assisted living management experience to the company.  Mrs. Jayaraman oversees daily operations and manages the care giving staff. Mrs. Jayaraman founded JRose Assisted to provide a family atmosphere for seniors and those requiring a little extra help during their daily activities.

Mrs. Jayaraman's deep background in senior care allows her to provide a higher level of service to the JRose family. JRose enjoys a stellar reputation and has won multiple awards based on Mrs. Jayaraman's attention to detail and caring nature.  Prior to working in the senior care industry, Mrs. Jayaraman taught math and science as a high school teacher.  While teaching, she was active in the senior community as a volunteer, where she noticed the low standards of care, poor facility upkeep, and often neglect that seniors were subjected to.  Her desire to create a family style quality facility where clients came first ultimately led to the founding of JRose Assisted Living Homes.  

Today, Mrs. Jayaraman is an active community leader and philanthropist, and is engaged on several boards and multiple initiatives focused on community building and education.